A Christmas Carol - meet cast member Tameka Taylor

Tell me a little bit about your character.
The characters that I play are Narrator and a Parishioner. I would consider my Narrator as a mystical being, taunting and toying with Scrooges mind. My narrator is reminiscent of The Fates of Greek mythology with a dash of Ariel from the “Tempest”. I set the dark, dismal tone and atmosphere for “A Christmas Carol”. The Parishioner (Mrs. Templin) is a symbol of kindness and sincerity. 

What were some of the challenges for you in working on this piece?
I would say that the time that I have to spend away from my loving family for rehearsals and performances is a challenge, but knowing how supportive, happy, excited and proud of me they are for doing this play, makes it all worth the while.

What do you hope audiences will take away from A Christmas Carol?
In a time when many are divided and it may seem like a dark time, just to remember that there is love, hope charity and there is light, because the sun always shines no matter how cloudy the day.