A Christmas Carol - meet cast member Michelle Ballard

What was your audition like for A Christmas Carol and were you surprised when you were cast?
The audition process was actually great fun!  Our director, Michael Baker, had each person read from a wonderful selection of monologues completely unrelated to the show.  There was no pressure to prepare and the result was improvisational and lighthearted…I loved it! I was so pleased to be cast in this beloved Christmas tale!

What are some of the unique aspects of playing this role in the show?
Until the end of the story, the Fezziwig party is one of just a few celebratory moments in A Christmas Carol.  It’s a bright, joyful memory from Scrooge’s past that helps to underscore for the audience the stark contrast between the man he was and the man he’s become.  I’ll admit, too, that I’m thoroughly delighted to be playing opposite Larry Grey’s fun-loving Mr. Fezziwig!! 

Are you enjoying being in the show and have you made friends while rehearsing?
Absolutely! This talented cast and crew have been wonderfully kind and welcoming. Mine is a military family and we move every few years, making it tough to put down roots in a community. LTA and my new friends in A Christmas Carol have made me feel very much at home...”God bless them, every one!”

What do you hope the audience takes away from the show?
I imagine for many audience members seeing A Christmas Carol has become a family tradition—it’s certainly my family’s favorite!  After a volatile election season when kindness hasn’t been an overarching theme, I pray our audience leaves with a sense of hope and a renewed promise to be good to each other.