Props, Take Two: Props for The Savannah Disputation

When we last checked in with the intrepid prop managers, they THOUGHT they had everything they needed for the upcoming play, The Savannah Disputation at the Alexandria Little Theater, sorted out. That was before final rehearsals started with the “real” props…

Prop managing is a constant learning experience. At first, my friend Susan and I thought it would be just a matter of rounding up a very specific group of stuff as per the script specifications. Hey, guess what…things change until the director is satisfied and the actors feel comfortable with the things they have to handle.
Case in point, a table dressed for that time just after a dinner has ended, which needs to be set in a hurry, on the darkened stage, after the lights go down between scenes. We were asked to make it the remains of a LARGE dinner (in Savannah, so Southern Style) and really fill up the table. And put some convincing looking food scraps on plates for scraping. All the items were to be placed o…

The Savannah Disputation- meet cast member Ashley Amidon!


Propping Each Other Up: Prop Team for The Savannah Disputation

Bibles, banana pudding and a bottle of Scotch...these are some of the things that Susan Townsend and I found in the prop list for The Savannah Disputation.  Having never done props before, we were not quite sure how to proceed, but we got expert advise from Bobbie Herbst, LTA Properties Chairman, such as:  1. Don’t buy anything until you find out if we already have it in the theater’s prop room.  2.  Don’t borrow anything from a friend or relative that they are going to want back.  3.  Thrift stores are your friend.  4. Don’t exceed your budget, and try very hard to come under budget. 

Being thrifty shoppers, and with the goal of coming under budget, Susan and I set to work.  We haunted area second hand stores and discount stores, sometimes together and sometimes alone.  When alone, we relayed messages to one another, via text and photos, that only the two of us could ever decipher.  Example:  “This one I didn’t get; does it look Catholic?” accompanied by a photo with a shelf full of o…

The Savannah Disputation- meet cast member Patricia Spencer Smith!