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Witness for the Prosecution - Reviews!


Witness for the Prosecution - Show Photos

Photos by Doug Olmsted.
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Witness For The Prosecution Promo Video

Thank you Peter Hyde for putting this together!

Witness for the Prosecution - Rehearsal Photos

Photos by Peter Hyde.
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Meet Eddie Page, Director of Witness for the Prosecution

What do you want the audience to experience from Witness for the Prosecution?
Right away I decided to cut several characters out of the script, the jury members. The audience will be invited to assume the role of the jury in this trial.Of course, they won’t be able to resist the opportunity to play detective with all of the action on stage.The audience will be challenged by all of the twists and turns of these fascinating characters and crave the resolution that has confused them throughout the story.Most importantly they will have the freedom to choose their own path to go down (and there will be many). Who knows, maybe some will make all the right turns and receive the title of Chief Inspector?

How long have you been directing and what made you get involved in theatre? 
I have only been directing for a short time (about three years).Each time that I have directed, it’s been a variety from a radio play, to a dramatic political thriller, to a heartwarming comedy and now a murder mystery …