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Actress Janette Moman Reflects on Her Two Roles in 'A Christmas Carol'

Actress Janette Moman plays two roles in LTA's 2011 production of A Christmas Carol. She took some time outside of rehearsals to share her perspective on her roles and the play.

What attracted you to A Christmas Carol? A Christmas Carol is a timeless story with amazing characters. Who wouldn’t want to be in it? Each character adds a richness to the story of this heart-change that Scrooge undergoes. Dickens has richness in his writing that allows the audience to experience Victorian England and the troubling economic and social issues, yet, we all still relate because of our need for a life with purpose.
What do you find appealing about the two characters you play, Mrs. Fezziwig and Mrs. Dilbur? I love the juxposition of these characters. Mrs. Fezziwig is a benevolent soul, adoring her husband and family. She desires to bring joy and happiness to all she has the ability to touch. Even with as little as she has to offer monetarily, she endeavors to show a good time to all her friends a…

Actor Marcus Fisk Talks about 'A Christmas Carol'

Actor Marcus J. Fisk, left, pictured with the Ghost of Christmas Past Rachel Gray,  talked to LTA about A Christmas Carol and his character, Scrooge.

What attracted you to A Christmas Carol?
I have been involved in theatre for nearly 45 years. My father was a founding member of one of the oldest summer stock theatre companies in the country – the Huron Playhouse – while he was attending Bowling Green University on the GI Bill after WWII. My mother was a ballerina, too, so I guess theatre is in my blood. Later we were stationed in Germany when my father was in the Army and I remember my mother giving me $1.00 to go see a GI production of A Christmas Carol on Base when I was 10 years old. I got there early and sat in the front row and watched as the production crews set up for the evening’s performance. I was bowled-over. The show was terrific and after four decades of seeing theatre productions, it is probably the best show I have even seen. Until now. This production team is extremely …

Noises Off - Reviews!


Noises Off

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