Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Actress Janette Moman Reflects on Her Two Roles in 'A Christmas Carol'

Actress Janette Moman plays two roles in LTA's 2011 production of A Christmas Carol. She took some time outside of rehearsals to share her perspective on her roles and the play.

What attracted you to A Christmas Carol?
A Christmas Carol is a timeless story with amazing characters. Who wouldn’t want to be in it? Each character adds a richness to the story of this heart-change that Scrooge undergoes. Dickens has richness in his writing that allows the audience to experience Victorian England and the troubling economic and social issues, yet, we all still relate because of our need for a life with purpose.

What do you find appealing about the two characters you play, Mrs. Fezziwig and Mrs. Dilbur?
I love the juxposition of these characters. Mrs. Fezziwig is a benevolent soul, adoring her husband and family. She desires to bring joy and happiness to all she has the ability to touch. Even with as little as she has to offer monetarily, she endeavors to show a good time to all her friends and family and celebrate life’s special moments. Mrs. Dibur, the laundress, is the one who steals Scrooge’s bed curtains in Christmas Future. She is a worn-out, penniless woman, who will use the moment to cash-in on a chance to make a buck off of a dead man. This is an opportunity to stretch myself and play roles on both ends of the spectrum – characters of contrasting social classes, and even use different English accents.

What do you want audiences to take away from the play?
Christmas is a time to reflect on your beliefs and values. It is a time when we live more for others than ourselves. It’s something Scrooge learned for the first time that night; and it’s something worth us remembering every Christmas.
The LTA production of A Christmas Carol, directed by Robin Parker, opens December 8 and runs through December 18. Tickets available for purchase at www.thelittletheatre.com.

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