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The Fantasticks- meet cast member Lauren Sutton!


The Fantasticks- meet crew member Juliana Cofrancesco!

Tell us a little about yourself: I love costuming!Working on theatrical productions has opened my world to the most amazing and creative people who together bring a story to life on the stage.I am grateful for every opportunity to share moments with the many talented producers, directors, actors, musicians, and tech designers that I have worked with, and learned from, over the years.I also cherish and applaud my creative team of costumers who imbue our costume pieces with sparkle and elan – Carol Pappas, Rosie Grefe, Megan Murphy, Claudia Atherton, and Yvonne French.We are thrilled by the spell that occurs when the actors don on their costumes as the transformation of their characters’ personas are complete, and they take to the stage to capture the hearts of the audience by their rousing performance!
How does this show differ from other shows you have worked on? This show is so much more than “boy meets girl and they fall in love.”It explores many aspects of romantic love, beginning…

The Fantasticks- meet cast member Janice Zucker!