The Fantasticks- meet cast member Lauren Sutton!

What do you find appealing about your character and this show?
I viewed the mutes as El Gallo’s in training. We help him in his work and learn from him so that one day we can follow in his foot steps. It’s very fun to have two mutes rather than one because it adds the element of competition for El Gallo’s attention. The show itself has a great concept. We all play actors who are about to do a show of  “The Fantasticks”.  The show within a show concept is very creative and well put together. It also allows for more audience awareness and makes it (in my opinion) a lot more fun to watch.

What have you learned about yourself in playing the role of “___”?
Playing the girl mute has been a lot of fun. I found a lot of myself in the character in her joyful view of the situations that occur in the play. As the mute, there is an automatic comedic feel that I have never had the chance to play. It’s allowed me to really let loose on stage and have fun. 

What do you want the audience to experience/take away from this show?
I would love for the audience to “follow” us in our story that we tell. The show has many themes, both light and dark. The darker themes have an interesting commentary on society today. In the song “Round and Round”, El Gallo takes Luisa around the world. She views horrific things that El Gallo literally masks her from. It is my favorite number and I hope that it leaves an impact on the audience as they leave the theatre.

How does this show differ from other shows you have worked on?
This is actually my first musical since High School. Since then I have done mostly classical works. It’s also very different to be on stage constantly, without having any lines throughout the show.

How long have you been acting and what made you get involved in theatre? How did you get involved with LTA?
I have been acting for 5 years, but I have always performed either with dance, cheerleading or competitive color guard. Acting was something that I always wanted to pursue throughout my childhood. Currently I am a Senior at George Mason University and I will graduate this May with a BFA in Theatre with a concentration in Performance for the Stage and Screen. The program at Mason has really allowed myself to grow as an artist. I have done community theatre in the Dc Metro Area for the past two years. The first community theatre production that I was in up here was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with the McLean Community Players. I met Eleanor(Director) and Ilyana (Boy Mute) through that show.  This past summer I was also privileged enough to work with the two of them in “The Count of Monte Cristo” at Aldersgate Community Players. Eleanor directed that show as well.  “The Fantasticks” has always been a show that I’ve wanted to be a part of. When I saw that LTA was putting on the show, I knew that I needed to audition.

What advice would you give others who are interested in working in theatre?
Audition for any show that peaks your interest. If you are nervous about performing for the first time, just try and have fun with it. There are also other aspects of theatre that you can try if performing isn’t your thing. There are tons of design, directing and stage management opportunities in the area.