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Noises Off Will Soon be "On" at The Little Theatre of Alexandria

Join us for this "play within a play" written by Michael Frayn.  This hilarious backstage farce follows an acting troupe as they stumble from calamitous dress rehearsal to disastrous closing night. An LTA favorite that always leaves audiences hysterical with laughter.

Noises Off will appear at LTA from November 5th to the 26th. For more, visit us at


"It was a mash up of theater and psychology," tweeted psychologist Robin Haight, PsyD, above center,  about Rabbit Hole Talk-Back Night at The Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA).

After the September 16 performance of Rabbit Hole, director Joanna Henry and cast members Andy Izquierdo, Karen Jadlos Shotts, Rebecca Lenehan, Collin Chute and Rebecca Phillips returned to the stage for an informal discussion with guest psychologist Dr. Haight, moderated by journalist Alix Spiegel of National Public Radio who works on the science desk covering psychology.

Audience members had an opportunity to learn how the cast prepared for their roles and how director Joanna Henry approached this challenging drama. In addition to sharing their insights on the characters and their relationships within the play, the cast as well as audience members, talked to Dr. Haight about the story line and the stages of grief that each character experiences and how it compares to real-life situations.

Rabbit H…


Fall Classes for Adults & Youth Begin; Free Talk-Back Event on Friday, September 16

Classes for Adults and Youth
Still figuring out what types of weekend and after-school activities to enroll your kids in? The Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA) offers a variety of classes for youth of all ages, including Singing for Musical Theatre (grades 2 -10);Creative Movement and Acting for Little Stars (grade kindergarten); Acting for First & Second Graders; Animals in Action Theatre (grades K- 2);After-School Creative Dramatics (grades 3 -5); Shakespeare Shenanigans (grades 3 - 8) and High School Improv. Details and a listing of additional youth class topics are available on the LTA website,

LTA offers a host of adult classes too, including improv, playwriting, and beginning and advanced acting. Information on adult classes is available on the LTA website,

Talk-Back Night, Friday, Septemb…

Rabbit Hole Receives Strong Accolades from Theatre Reviewers

Director Joanna Henry and the cast of Rabbit Hole - Andy Izquierdo, Karen Jadlos Shotts, Rebecca Lenehan, Collin Chute and Rebecca Phillips - delivered a compelling and touching performance during opening weekend. And, early reviews agreed.

Joe Adcock of Show Biz Radio wrote, “The company’s current production is a nicely calibrated, skillfully acted, effectively staged Rabbit Hole. The play is in no way simple or easy. But director Joanna Henry manages to balance the many dark elements — sorrow, anger, blame, guilt, depression, despair — with startling whiffs of comic oxygen. Her designers provide a versatile single setting, offering opportunities for multi-character coffee klatches, one-on-one living room confrontations and a bedroom for isolation or contemplation. And the actors — for the most part, anyway — manage to shade what could be simple, one-quality sketch characters into strikingly colorful dramatic portraits.” (Full  Show Biz Radio review available online, http://www.showb…

Rabbit Hole - Double Tech

Thanks to William Shotts for capturing Double Tech weekend for Rabbit Hole.  Below are a few pictures from our gallery found on our Facebook page: LTA's Facebook Page

WATCH Award Winner Rebecca Lenehan shares thoughts on Pulitzer winning play "Rabbit Hole"

Rebecca Lenehan, a recipient of the Washington Area Theater Community Honors (WATCH) prize, took a moment to reflect on "Nat," the character she will portray in the Pulitzer-Prize-winning production of Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire at the Little Theater of Alexandria.  
What attracted you to Rabbit Hole? First of all it struck me as a very intelligent and brave play. The author David Lindsay-Abaire has written a story about a small family at an intersection - not only in their relationships within the family dynamic, but he went out on a limb and created a gutsy challenge for the actors as well.  Each of the characters are absolute individuals - each with their own history, and their own personal baggage - colliding within the tragedy they are trying to manage within the span of play with honesty and humor.  And that dysfunctional inter-dependency can be quite messy to navigate - but with an experienced director and actors to work with - I knew it would be a rich and rew…

Rabbit Hole Talk-Back Night

Talk-Back Night with Rabbit Hole Director and Cast Moderator Alix Spiegel of National Public Radio, includes guest Psychologist Dr. Robin Haight
Rabbit Hole is a touching story about the different ways a couple overcomes the accidental death of their child.  Set eight months later after the loss of their son, this delicate and poignant narrative explores blame, grief and resilience.
Join The Little Theatre of Alexandria for a conversation moderated by National Public Radio reporter Alix Spiegel with the director and cast of Rabbit Hole and guest psychologist Dr. Robin Haight as they discuss overcoming and processing loss and how the director and cast approached the subject matter and roles.
LTA continues its long tradition of powerful dramas with this challenging Pulitzer-prize winning play written by David Lindsay-Abaire, directed by Joanna Henry and produced by Rachel Alberts and Bobbie Herbst.
Alix Spiegel, a National Public Radio reporter, works on the science desk and covers psycho…

Rabbit Hole - Promo Video


Rabbit Hole - Voice Over Session

Special thanks to Dean McDonnell for helping the Rabbit Hole team with their voice over!  Below are some photos from the voice over session and more photos can be seen on our Facebook page: LTA Facebook Page