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LTA's Sweeney Todd - Photos

Photos by Shane Canfield

Interview with Sam Jones - Cast Member in Sweeney Todd

You may recall seeing Sam Jones on stage last summer as Link in LTA's Hairspray.  He is now joining the cast of LTA's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Baber of Fleet Street, this summer!

What do you want the audience to experience from Sweeney Todd?

I want the audience to both be scared and to laugh.  There are parts of the show that are very dark, in a truly frightening way, and the cast has worked really hard to be as terrifying as possible.  However, this horror story is also a black comedy.  It is a funny, funny show.  I have very fond memories of watching this show and the movie version and laughing until I couldn't breathe, while Sweeney is killing his customers.  I would love for the audience to have the same experience.

How does this show differ from other shows you have worked on?

This show probably has the hardest music of any show I've done.  How Sweeney differs from last summer's Hairspray is that Sondheim really does not care what your voice part is; I am a tenor…