A Christmas Carol - meet cast member Josh Gordon

What was your audition like for A Christmas Carol and were you surprised when you were cast?
Well, it was very formal. I was a little nervous. I was surprised when I was first cast as Ignorance and I was even happier, when I got the role of Tiny Tim!

How old are you and what kind of theatre experience do you have?
I am 9 years old. My first theater experience was at Synetic theater camp last summer. Then I took a drama class at LTA and my teacher encouraged me to audition for A Christmas Carol. And I did.

Are you enjoying being in the show and have you made friends while rehearsing?
This is my first time and I feel like I belong there with the cast. I’m learning from the adult actors and the young actors. The director and music teacher really know their stuff. I’m having fun and making friends with the other young actors.

What kinds of things are you learning in rehearsals?
I’m learning songs, lines, learning to act natural, British accent, blocking and when to come on.