A Christmas Carol - meet cast member Tony Gilbert

What was your audition like for A Christmas Carol and were you surprised when you were cast?
The first audition was unusual and a lot of fun, Mike Baker had us improve a supplied monologue. The call back was the “Big” speech from the script and I was most pleasantly surprised to be given the privilege of portraying Scrooge.

What are some of the unique aspects of playing this role in the show?
This is an “on the stage all the time” role so it takes sustained concentration and little chance for water. Plus many, many of our beloved actors have “Bah! Humbugged!” this part, and even though the actors I have seen as Scrooge have schooled me, at the end of the play, I try to bring myself into the role. I hope to tell Dickens’ timeless story and deep lessons with my castmates as best as I can.

Are you enjoying being in the show and have you made friends while rehearsing?
This year marks the 50th anniversary of my first play in high school and I am enjoying my experience with The Little Theatre thoroughly! Everyone in the cast is very talented from the youngest all the way up. I knew two of the cast members from “To Kill a Mockingbird,” I am loving getting to know the kids, and am working hard along with all the cast and that always creates wonderful teammates. My love and blessings go out to our audiences and LTA. Thank you for the privilege of performing for you.