A Christmas Carol- meet cast member, Nic Barta

My main character, Dick Wilkins, is a kind-hearted, cheerful guy. He loves the Christmas season and celebrating it with a lot of people. He and Scrooge were friends in school and when they worked for Mr. Fezziwing when they were young. After Scrooge becomes obsessed with money, he and Dick drift apart and don't really talk to each other anymore.

I don't have a lot of experience with being in a chorus, so my biggest challenge was learning how to sing and stay with my melody. It can be really tricky when you are trying to sing your part while at the same time keeping in time with the rest of the ensemble. I've messed up many times, but I've improved a lot since my first day.

The one thing that I want audiences to take away from this play is knowing that people can change and that kindness can go a long. Christmas is about putting differences aside and coming together to celebrate peace and good will toward your neighbor. So, I hope that audiences will see this play and come out feeling cheerful and feeling the need to help out someone in need. Whether it be buying them a gift or just having a nice conversation with them.