Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Rocky Horror Show - meet cast member Stella Giapitzeli

Tell us about your character.  What do you find appealing about your character and this show?
I am one of the Phantom Ushers and we are the tough ones!  I have never had this kind of character before and I am not tough at all....I love it because it is a challenge!  Our role is to yell at the actors with offensive quotes.  They hate it!  I would hate it too if I was in their shoes.  We also guard the audience and protect our actors on stage from having things thrown at them!  WE DON'T WANT THAT!  You don't want to know what the people of Transsexual Transylvania will do to you!

What do you want the audience to take away from The Rocky Horror Show?
The Rocky Horror Show is such a distinctive play!  It is a comic, offensive, sci-fi, horror story and for me, a totally new exciting experience.  First of all, this show will be different from what we are all used to!  It has a new and fresh approach and I love it because we don't go by the book!  The crew has really built the whole thing from the beginning, the cast is full of talented people who really work perfectly together, and the energy is high level.  The audience will remember it for a long time! And because of us, the Phantom Ushers, everyone will go home having had fun yelling to the actors but with no voice to speak the next day!

How long have you been acting and what made you get involved with LTA?  Give us a brief history of your past acting experiences.
I have been on stage forever with long breaks in between and with various forms (dance, singing, and acting).  I have a BA in Theatre Arts from the American College of Greece and for the past three years, I studied acting in the New Hellenic Theatre of George Armenis.  I moved to the United States four months ago to be with, at last, my husband Alexander, who really supports me and loves
what I do.  I really wanted to start doing what I love the most and there is no other place better to do that than The Little Theatre of Alexandria.

I have worked as Rosalind from "As You Like It" by Shakespeare, the little stone from "Eurydice" by Sarah Ruhl, Madelene from the "Victims of Duty" by Ionesco, and Electra from "Electra" by Sophocles.  I also have played the puppet in a short film by Michael Kiloumis called "In Distortion" and played Danae from Marianna Kalbari's "Stories for Gamophobes".

What advice would you give others who are interested in acting and theatre?
Do it!  Go after it!  Never stop trying because it is a long road.  Theatre gives you the opportunity to reveal yourself in a safe place and really play with different characters and different situations.  Theatre expands your mind and emotions and makes you improve yourself and of course question and improve the audience.

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