Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Rocky Horror Show - meet cast member Tahara Robinson

Tell us about your character in The Rocky Horror Show.
I am one of the six Phantoms for this show.  The opportunity to feed off the other actors and create a personalized Phantom is something I find very appealing about this character.

What have you learned about yourself in playing the role of a Phantom?
I have learned that I can actually sing, harmonize, dance, count, and do a sexy "B-line" when needed... all at once without dying!

What do you want the audience to take away from The Rocky Horror Show?
I would like the audience to get a sense of the cast's unity as one body and to experience the wholeness of the show.  It's a full body story created with the need of each character.  Everyone brings something different to The Rocky Horror Show, which makes this show amazing. It's always amazing to work with people you connect with on and off set.  I think it brings the best out of your character and the show.

How long have you been acting and what made you get involved with LTA?
I started performing as a dancer in elementary school and studied it in college.  As an actress, I have played lead roles such as Fagin in Oliver Twist, multiple ensembles, and I have also acted in local independent films.  I decided to work with LTA because I heard so many great things about their theatre and productions... and beacuse they were doing The Rocky Horror Show!

What advice would you give others who are interested in acting and theatre?
Be yourself.  Trust your gut.  Chase your passion.

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