Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To Kill a Mockingbird - meet co-producer Robert Kraus

Why did you decide to produce To Kill A Mockingbird?
I’ve been suggesting this play for at least a decade to LTA and other area theatres. It is my all time favorite play/book/movie. I always felt this play was relevant and its lessons are ageless – but no more so then in today’s political environment.  So, I was more than thrilled when Frank decided to submit this as part of our directors selection season – and the very nanosecond the board approved To Kill a Mockingbird I went to Bobbie and Rachel and said we have to produce this!

What is Frank trying to accomplish with the telling of this play?
Frank is trying to have us understand all the many “life lessons” in this play through the eyes of Scout. Things like learning to think for yourself, don’t give up, do unto others and of course to stand up for what’s right.

What were the challenges as a producer?
I think the challenge Frank overcame in spades was to incorporate the story from the book into the play. I saw a 50th anniversary presentation of this play in Birmingham Alabama – the best interpretation I’ve ever seen - and our take is even better!

What should the audience take away from this play?
That we done it justice. Everyone involved in the production is so committed to honor the memory of Harper Lee – we just want to do her proud! We know she’ll be watching from that balcony in the sky! 

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