Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Steel Magnolias - meet Co-Stage Manager Larry Grey

What made you want to stage manage Steel Magnolias?
There were several factors in my decision to accept Jay Cohen's invitation to Co-Stage Manage this show. One, they would not let me audition for Claree or Ouiser! Two, they asked me and I can never say no! But seriously, I decided to jump on board because I love this show. Yes it is a show about 5 amazing strong women, but beyond that however, is a show about the value of friendship. A reminder to us that life is not meant to be lived in isolation, but we were created for fellowship. Each of these characters is on this journey called life. They rely on the strength of  each other to survive the journey. I think this story is a timeless message that we need reminding of often. It is a story I fell in love with on screen and I jumped at the chance to be a part of telling it again. 

What do you hope the audience takes away from this show?
I hope the audience takes away the message that life is a journey meant to be lived to the uttermost. You cannot let fear or doubt hold you back from experiencing all life has to offer. "Shelby" sums it up when she says "I would rather have 30 minutes of something wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special". Sometimes the journey is full of joy, other times is hard and difficult. But we need to, and must lean on the ones we love. There is strength and hope when we look to those we love for strength. And joy when we lend others our strength and comfort. We are all on this journey together. And in the end the legacy we leave behind is not what we did but how we loved! 


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