Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Steel Magnolias - meet Co-Producer Brooke Angel

Why did you decide to produce "Steel Magnolias?"
I love this show but who doesn't?  I've never produced before, so when I was approached I thought it was a joke. I'm honored my first show to produce is Steel Magnolias and that I have such a great tech crew and cast to do this with. I hope they let me do more in the future... maybe Steel Magnolias the Male Version?

What were you trying to accomplish with the telling of this play?
To make a play both appealing to women AND men. This show is about women, but it's important for men to see it and enjoy it too. I hope to get men, not being dragged by their wives or girlfriends, who want to see the show and enjoy it. 

What were the challenges as a Producer?
As a "young" magnolia, I am faced with a lot of challenges on this show.  For one, I'm the youngest person on the show! I'm still learning a lot and everyday I learn more and more about what it takes to get a show up and running.  I also have the challenge of not being able to relate to the women in the show. These women are older, have had kids, and lived a lot of their life.  At age 24, I can say that I have done none of those things. But it's good because my actresses have and are able to portray these things in a way that is real and makes me look forward to doing all those things.  

What should the audience take away from this play?
That women are strong. It's so simple but it's such a powerful idea. Women go through so much, a lot we don't even talk about among ourselves. This play shows we are not alone in our struggles...ever. Women are "Steel Magnolias".  We are pretty, but tough.  We should celebrate each other for being strong instead of tearing each other down, which is often our first instinct sometimes. It's a message all women, especially young ones, should hear. Think if all girls grew up knowing they were strong and could do anything, how much better off we would be.

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