Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Steel Magnolias - meet cast member Carla Crawford

Tell us about your character.
Truvy is the owner of Truvy’s Beauty Shop.  She wants everyone who comes into her shop to feel welcome and loved.  Truvy is always looking at the bright side of life and wants others to share in her positivity.  She is hardworking, and I find it interesting that she is the only “working woman” of the bunch.  She is not really of the same “class” as the other ladies and yet they all find common ground dealing with the “ins and outs” of their daily lives.  Through triumphs and tragedy, they ultimately become each others’ family. 

What were some challenges you faced while working on this show?
The movie is so iconic and cherished by everyone.  The Truvy character that was played by Dolly Parton is so well known that it would be easy to just mimic what she did on screen.  It was important to me to make Truvy my own. I grew up in a very small town in Alabama and have sat in salons that I don’t think are very different from Truvy’s.  I tried to base “my” Truvy on some of the ladies back home. 

What should audiences take away from Steel Magnolias?
I hope audiences will be reminded how vital friendships are, how important it is to tell family you love them, and how unbelievably strong women can be.  I saw the movie with my mother when it came out and I remember laughing until we cried and crying until we were silly. I hope mothers come see the play with their daughters, and that good friends come together in bunches.

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