Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Christmas Carol - meet cast member Nathaniel Burkhead

Tell us a bit about your character in LTA's A Christmas Carol.
My character, Tiny Tim, is a very sweet and kindhearted person, very innocent.  I love how he stays happy and filled with Christmas cheer.  He is the kind of person that will always see the glass as "half full" no matter what happens.  He is also kind of funny, in the way that when everyone else sees Scrooge in a bad way, he believes (in his optimist sort of way) that Scrooge isn't really a bad person, or that he just doesn't have the knowledge to realize that he is.

What were some challenges you faced in working on this show?
Some challenges in working on this piece were learning to speak in a British accent, which, thanks to this play, has become natural.  Another one was learning to walk with a limp, which resulted in several ankle problems and also a sprained ankle once.  Lastly, there was finding the right sized crutch, which we had to raise twice, and then lower.  At last, we finally got the right size.

What do you hope the audience takes away from A Christmas Carol?
I hope that the audience will take away the transition with Scrooge from "Christmas! Bah, Humbug" to "Merry Christmas everyone!!", the happiness of Fred, the sweetness of Tiny Tim, and loads of Christmas cheer.

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