Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Christmas Carol - meet cast member John Trope

Tell us about your character in A Christmas Carol.
I play Scrooge in his younger self. He is in the early stages of his life finding love and where he discovers his joy. There is a transition from the charming, pleasant fellow he used to be to the hateful, selfish miser he becomes by making money his single pursuit.  I also play Topper, a good friend and party guest of Fred's. He strives to get close to Lillian, his lady friend. His happy place is a drink in one hand and a mistletoe in the other.

What were some of the challenges working in this show?
I work mainly with Clare Baker (Belle) and Olivia Hays (Lillian) for my characters, who are much younger than me. Once we got to know each other and hang out around Old Town, the chemistry became natural. That's important for any ensemble. They are family.

What do you hope audiences will take from A Christmas Carol?
That audiences would reflect on what the most important thing is in the center of their lives. That only God can change and fulfill people's hearts.

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