Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rabbit Hole - Rehearsals

We’ve been rehearsing “Rabbit Hole” about three weeks now, and I continue to be amazed by the talent of this cast.  We’ve been doing a lot of table work and have made many discoveries about these characters during rehearsals.  Several interesting comments and surprising emotions have emerged regarding their relationships.  I find myself driving home after rehearsals and thinking, “Wow!  Where did THAT come from?”  That’s the nature of this play. Author David Lindsay-Abaire has constructed a cleverly written story.  The way he leads these characters through their own personal journeys is nothing short of brilliant….no wonder he won the Pulitzer Prize for it!  It’s fascinating that he sets this play eight months after the accident.  The characters are now beyond that initial shock and denial from the first throes of loss.  It’s not so raw at this point.  They’ve already had to endure the condolences of friends and family, the looks, the phone calls…or the non-phone calls.  The audience meets them more than half a year later as they’re all trying to move on as best they can.  The unfortunate thing is that each is in a different place in the process.  I’m excited about moving forward in rehearsals to scene work with this cast, adding layers to these characters….and making more discoveries.

-Joanna Henry, Director of Rabbit Hole

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