Monday, August 29, 2011

Rabbit Hole Director shares her thoughts

Rabbit Hole Director Joanna Henry, pictured above,  took a moment to reflect on the upcoming drama "Rabbit Hole," opening at The Little Theatre of Alexandria September 10th. 

  • What attracted you to Rabbit Hole?
I love the honesty in this play.  It's about real people who are trying their best - just like all of us.  To be honest, the first time I read this play, I laughed out loud at all of the funny scenes.  That was a surprise.
  • Even though the play is about a family struggling with the death of a child, you’ve said that Rabbit Hole is not a "downer." What is uplifting about this play?
The author, David Lindsay-Abaire, has said that ultimately Rabbit Hole is a "play about hope...Hope of getting through, that there is something down the line."  To me, these characters are highly functional, unsentimental, spirited, and often funny people.  I like that they're presented as normal people trying to do the best they can as they move on in their lives.
  • What has been the biggest challenge in directing Rabbit Hole?
I guess it would have to be finding that balance between the humor in the play and the emotionally dramatic moments.  This cast has been very willing to go to different and sometimes difficult places in the rehearsal process.  It's a delicate play, and I wanted to make sure we didn't overdo the dramatics, but concentrate on the fragility of these characters and their relationships. 
  • What do you want audiences to experience when they see this play?
I hope that audiences connect with these characters.  The family is dealt a blow to their everyday lives.  We've all had that happen to us in one way or another.  One moment has changed their lives.  It brings home that all of our lives are reduced to simple moments in time.

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