Thursday, May 19, 2016

The History Boys - meet cast member Kate Ives

How long have you been acting?  How did you get involved with LTA?
I’ve been acting on and off for 33 years!  (God, I’m old.)  I’ve been trying to get into LTA for a while, but this is the first time the stars have aligned.  I am very thrilled to have been given this opportunity to work with one of the best community theaters in the DMV!

What do you find appealing about your character and this show?
Well, first of all it’s great fun being the only woman in a cast full of charming men!  And I think Mrs. Lintott enjoys it, as well.  She has great affection for her boys even as she pretty effortlessly quells their nonsense.  Her skill as a teacher is very important to her and she has a deep respect for and love of history, while at the same time recognizing how unfair it generally is to women…as she very passionately describes in one of my favorite scenes.

If you could describe your character in one word, what would it be?

What do you want the audience to experience/take away from this show?
One of the reasons I was attracted to this show was because of the teachers I have had in my life as well as the young people I have mentored.  Those who pass on a passion for their subject change your life.  Even if you don’t remember every fact and figure, these people become a part of your cellular structure, they have altered you so fundamentally.  Sometimes they don’t even know they’ve done it, but you never forget.  It is my sincerest wish that everyone in the audience has had a Hector in their life, and that this show touches them and maybe even moves them to reach out and say “thank you.”

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