Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Twentieth Century - Meet the Cast!

Time to meet the cast!
Here is an interview with Bob Cohen who plays the Detective in Twentieth Century
Have you gotten your tickets yet??


What do you find appealing about this show?
I love comedy above all other genres so being cast in a farce is a great opportunity for me.  I can’t say enough about the opportunity to be working with Roland Gomez and several actors from 1776 again, as well as, new members of the theater family.

What do you want the audience to experience/take away from this show?
2 hours of great memories. Also, facial and stomach cramps from laughing so hard.

How does this show differ from other shows you have worked on?
The incredible cast and crew is the finest I've ever worked with and the    phenomenal support from LTA in every facet of production. It is a smooth, flawless organization that anticipates every detail - there is as much magic behind the scenes as there is on stage. 

How long have you been acting and what made you get involved in theatre?
I’ve been acting now for 11 years. I was dragged into my first show kicking and screaming and now, 11 years and 30 productions later, I ask myself why did I wait so long :)

How did you get involved with LTA?
 I auditioned for this show after working with Roland, David James, Jim Howard and Gary Cramer in "And Then There Were None" at Aldersgate last fall.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with them again.

What advice would you give others who are interested in working in theatre?  
Keep at it.  Don’t ask yourself if you're an actor.  If acting is what fires you up - you are an actor because you have the passion. Now it’s a matter of training and auditions.  Don’t stop just because you don’t get the role.  Keep at it.

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