Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All aboard the 20th Century Limited!

All aboard the 20th Century Limited!

Before getting to know our human cast we would love for you to meet The 20th Century! The train may not have any lines during the show, but it sure has more stage time than any one else. 

The 20th century operated between 1902 and 1967. Passengers relaxed in luxury as they traveled overnight between Chicago and New York City with limited stops over a 16-hour period.  Besides its speed, the train was most well know for its style, rolling out a crimson carpet at Grand Central Terminal giving rise to the phrase “the red carpet treatment.” The late 1930’s introduced the train to Art Deco styling with blues and grays.

In the 1920’s the coast of a bed closed off from the hallway by curtains would cost a passenger $51.30, that is equivalent to about $700 today. A private compartment would cost more.

Today Amtrak operated the Lake Shore Limited, which follows closely the route taken by this famous locomotive.

Want to know more? Follow these links to pictures and a movie from the 30’s!

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