Friday, March 1, 2013

It's All About Teamwork! - Beverley Benda (Governor of Artistic Support)

Baseball season is over, football season is on, and basketball season is on deck. Now, let me be very clear: I am NOT into sports! But, here at LTA, I am very interested in the same kind of winning teamwork sports teams require. LTA’s Artistic Support is all about teamwork, and I am extremely proud of the team I get to work with and for in all areas.

Mike McCrea in the Props Closet.
Bobbie Herbst
and Nicole Zuchetto have been longtime keepers of our Props Closet and are currently working on a major clean-out of that space with the huge help of newcomer, Mike McCrea. They are re-organizing the space to include a redesign of the room with new, moveable shelving. So WONDERFUL!
Kevin Lane, a master costumer, has worked on LTA productions for 20 years! He joins Annie Vroom, longtime Chairman of the Costume Closet! I got to wear his selections in Auntie Mame and Annie, and I enjoy not only his humor, but also his dedication to our Closet. Join him and Annie for their clean-out in December, just in time for the class registration/costume sale in January!

Judy Kee is now joined by Rebecca and John Johnson as co-chairs for Off-Site Storage Garages. Judy headed up a clean-out just last month, and purged a lot of ‘dead wood’ to make way for new acquisitions. She had a great team of volunteers to help her in that clean-out, and would like to thank Eddy Parker, David Moretti, Charlie Dragonette, Dan Remmers, Art Snow, Marcia Carpenter, Alan Stuhl, and Orron Kee for helping her with the heavy lifting on this tough project. Again, great teamwork! Judy was also responsible for the repairs made to the leaking ceilings in those areas before we got our new roofs. Great work, Judy!

Bette Williams and Susan Boyd have completely cleaned out and reorganized the Wig and Makeup Cabinets. I can’t even imagine the hours it took these two to wash, dry, and style the wigs; and pitch the expired makeup and powder, and the unusable combs, pins, and wigs. And for the LTA website under "Information – Donations and Theatre Loans," all of these amazing chairper-sons have created a single entry with a basic policy to enable outside groups to borrow from our assets, including contact information! It really shows other theaters that LTA is truly a community-oriented theatre. Now THAT’S TEAM-WORK! Redskins, eat our dust!

-Beverley Benda

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