Anne of Green Gables-meet cast member Aaron Eckloff

My character is Tommy Sloane. Tommy Sloane is the brother of Charlie Sloane, who is another character in the show. He is somewhat of a trouble maker, who likes to occasionally torment his classmates and even his teacher.
Some of the challenges of working on this show for the most part is the physical element of the show. Our choreographer, Ms Cristina , does not cut corners when it comes to dancing, and she prefers a more traditional and intensive style of dance, which looks spectacular, but has taken some getting used to and was a significant hurdle for me to get over.
I hope that audiences will be impressed by the dance numbers, the singing, the humor, and overall just enjoy a story about a girl who is just a little different than everyone else.
The thing that I find appealing about my character is since he’s a trouble maker, he gets to do some mischievous things, one of which involving a slingshot *wink wink*, which is very fun to do.
I’ve been involved in theater ever since I started doing class plays in first grade. I then started to get involve in more legitimate theater opportunities, inside my school and outside of it.
Anne of Green Gables is my first show with LTA, and I decided to audition because I knew the choreographer and some of my friends were auditioning as well.
Some advice I have for people trying to get into theater is to try to find as many audition opportunities that interest you as possible.  And in your audition, just remember that the casting directors are most of the time rooting for you and and want you to succeed, so try to be yourself. Also one tip I can give is to try to make good relationships with other people in the community, especially people like directors who can recommend you to other directors and give you more opportunities to further your career as an actor. Connections are important!