Friday, October 21, 2016

A Party to Murder - meet cast member Danielle Comer

Tell us about your character in A Party to Murder.
McKenzie is a very self-spoken, lively, and passionate young model who loves fashion, extravagance, and booze.  She is often the bud of many a joke or offhanded insult, but she never let's it get to her and continues to speak her mind boldly and decisively in every situation.  She is also a fan of using sarcasm and wit to lighten up any potential tense situation, like say, a murder?

What were some challenges you faced in working on this show?
I think the biggest challenge working on this show was definitely the script.  There are many twists, turns, and surprises and finding the right energy and dramatic build up for each, while also making sure each was different and unique to the story, was definitely a challenge.  The biggest concern was maintaining excitement and suspense, making sure the audience would be invested in the characters and the mystery, despite the actors having played it 20+ times before.

What do you hope the audience takes away from this show?
My biggest hope is that audiences take away a fun-filled night and a very holiday/season appropriate good time.  I definitely enjoy a good murder mystery (having participated in several myself) and I hope the audience really gets into it, talking about who they think the murderer is and staying invested until the very end, walking away with big smiles on their faces.  Honestly, what better way to kick off Halloween?

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