Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Christmas Carol - meet cast member Lindsey Gattuso

Tell us about your character.
My character's name is Belinda Cratchit.  She is 11 (I am 10).  I am the middle Cratchit girl.  My dad works for this really mean man named Scrooge and my parents don't like him.  I don't know much about who he is and why he makes my dad so sad all the time but I worry about my parents.  I also worry about my little brother, Tiny Tim because he isn't well.  We are poor but we have a Christmas tree, we have food, and we have each other.

What were some challenges you faced working on A Christmas Carol?
One of the challenges I have is singing a carol on stage while decorating a tree.  I solved this by practicing the song a lot at home so I didn't think about it anymore.  Also, at first I thought I'd have a hard time feeling sad doing the scene when (spoiler alert!) Tiny Tim dies -- but it turns out it's not really a challenge after all because doing the scene really makes me sad.  The other actors make it feel so real, so it then feels real to me.

What do you hope the audience takes away from the show?
I hope that after seeing this play, people will like it so much they will want to come next year and the year after that and make it a holiday tradition.

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