Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Christmas Carol - meet producer Lloyd Bittinger

Why did you want to produce this year’s production of A Christmas Carol?
When the board of governors was selecting a director for the production Rachael Hubbard was asked to direct. She and I discussed and made a deal that if she would direct I would produce. She’s wonderful to work with and truly loves this story. She also gets the most out of the actors and ends up with a terrific production.

How did you get involved with the production and what are your goals as the producer?
I got involved because I’m currently the president of The Little Theatre of Alexandria and I also felt like I should contribute something to the overall success of the theatre other than just being “the president.” I like to work in the various areas of the theatre and also do a lot of work on the lighting team, hanging and focusing lights, and running the light board. My goal as producer is to pull all of the elements together to make this the best holiday production the Little Theatre has ever done.

What were some of the challenges as the show’s producer? 
I really wanted to take on a singular role as producer because I had co-produced the production before and felt like I would be able to do a good job having had that experience. Nevertheless, producing is a huge job and several others at The Little Theatre have offered to help me with various tasks. I have also named an assistant producer and an assistant to the producer. So I’ve learned that I need a lot of support and people are stepping up to help. I am very thankful for the support.

What do you want the audience to take away from A Christmas Carol?
The story of A Christmas Carol is very well known. It involves many deep and dark elements as well as some bright happy scenes. Between the director, the musical director, and me we are working to make this year’s production the most audience-pleasing A Christmas Carol ever. We want to have the deep and dark scenes because they’re important to telling the story, but we are adding some songs and dancing to lighten up the production. We want the audience to leave the theatre smiling and being happy and singing a song. This is our gift to the community for a happy holiday season!

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