Thursday, June 5, 2014

Plaza Suite - Meet the director Shawn g. Byers

What were you hoping to accomplish with your direction of "Plaza Suite."
My first goal as a director is to bring the words on the page to life . One of the things that Neil Simon is so wonderful at is showing the comedy in our human foibles, as is the case in Plaza Suite. So in essence I hope as the actors, designers, producers, technicians, and I retell this, these intimate stories, that we are able to accomplish and land Simon's great humor. 

What were the particular challenges of doing this play?
The hardest part of any show in my mind is finding the right people. I am extremely lucky in this department.  Everyone that is involved in this production is really top notch.  The Little Theatre attracts such great talent and I am privileged to be able to work here.

What do you hope audiences will take away from this play?
As I mentioned early, this is a comedy so in a nutshell really I would love for audiences to leave a little sore from laughter.  On a deeper level though the style in which Simon writes it is not hard for each of us to see ourselves in these characters.  I have learned while working on this play to look at my own foibles and stressful situations and see the humor that lies within.  So maybe, just maybe we one or two audience member will see themselves in Karen, Roy, or Muriel and take just a moment to laugh the next time they are faced with adversity

Plaza Suite is running June 14 - July 5! Tickets can be purchased at

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