Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Special Note from A Christmas Carol Cast Member Valerie Chamness aka Ghost of Christmas Past

At Christmas time, every year of my childhood, we'd pull out a special VHS tape full of Christmas specials taped from TV shows. The first thing on the tape was Mickey's Christmas Carol, and to this day, when I watch it (yes, I still have a VHS player), it truly puts me in the Christmas spirit. Today, I'm proud to be playing a role that was immortalized by Jiminy Cricket, and hope to do it justice (although the wedding dress/top of the Christmas tree angel costume makes it quite a different take on the character). When the audience sees this show, I hope that it can bring up childhood memories for them, as it does for me. In that way, I will truly be the Ghost of Christmas Past! If it brings them joy and happiness to remember their past Christmases, then I think I've done Mister Dickens' work justice. For children hearing this story for the first time, I hope that the Christmas spirit can infuse them, and it can be the beginning of a tradition at this magical time of year. It's so important to teach our young the importance of living one's life as a kind and charitable person, and the journey of Ebeneezer Scrooge conveys that message better than any other Christmas story I know. Joy of the season to all of our patrons, and I look forward to spreading Christmas cheer and lots of 
glitter to you all!

~Valerie Chamness, aka Ghost of Christmas Past

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  1. Great work, Valerie. Watched the original Grinch on VHS just yesterday. Well said. - Elliott Bales