Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meet the Cast of Twentieth Century - Michael Gerwin

What is appealing about playing your character?
My wife says I do nervous befuddlement very well. That’s comfortable for me. 

What do you find appealing about this show?
Working with this talented cast and crew is enjoyable!!!    It is fun to do comedies involving stereotypical theater people!!!  In those roles, it is very difficult to go “over the top” or take yourself too seriously.  My character is a theater wanna-be but the motivations are the same. 

How did you get involved with LTA?
One day in 2002 I told my friend John Kirby I was auditioning for Arsenic and Old Lace at LTA. John was a not only a co-worker and but he and I had acted together in To Kill A Mockingbird at Tapestry Theater.  John asked if he could join me for the audition.   I was interested in the part of Teddy Brewster, a man who lives under the illusion that he was Teddy Roosevelt.   (I have always been fascinated by Roosevelt.) That evening at auditions, John met a lovely and talented actress named Kristen Page.  A day or two later we were pleased to learn that I was cast as Teddy, John was cast as my brother Jonathan Brewster (the Boris Karloff looking villain) and Kristen was cast as Elaine, Mortimer Brewster’s girlfriend.  I immensely enjoyed playing a slightly demented caricature of our 26th President (which included my consulting with a stuffed teddy bear).   As it happens, John and Kristen fell in love and are now married with a beautiful son, Jack.   Residents of Eastern Maryland, the Kirbys are actively involved in Port Tobacco Theater in LaPlata, where they have acted in and directed several marvelous plays.  John directed and Kristen produced Port Tobacco’s 2010 rendition of Arsenic and Old Lace. This is my second LTA show under the direction of Roland Gomez. The first was Heaven Can Wait where I played a hardboiled 1930s police detective.   Roland definitely tries to direct each comedy so you get the maximum laughter for your buck!

Other thoughts? 
I’d like to thank my beautiful wife for encouraging me in this crazy hobby.  Sarah, I love you very much.

Michael Gerwin is playing Dr. Grover Lockwood in Twentieth Century.

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