Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LTA Volunteer Video

The volunteers who worked backstage for Sweeney Todd, The Little Theater of Alexandria’s opening show of the 2012-2013 season, were singled out for special praise by several local critics. 

Jordan Wright of The Alexandria Times wrote:

Countless elements contribute to the realism of the show. Art Snow adds much in terms of special effects including designing blood-spurting razors synchronized to the slashing of Todd’s victims’ throats, a chair that sends victims sliding into an abyss, and a dungeon-worthy oven billowing smoke and flames.

The technical complexities of the show are impressive: the two double-decker turntable stages rotate an astonishing 64 times. Add to that the 80-plus sound cues and dozens of mood-shifting lighting cues designed by the WATCH Award-winning team of Ken and Patti Crowley, and you have a tremendously dynamic stage set.

Audiences seldom applaud sets and props but the mechanical barber chair that sent Sweeney’s victims rocketing through a trap door down to the pie store’s big oven drew gasps, laughter and applause.  Now you can see how the special effect was created.  And at the same time learn more about how to volunteer to work backstage. 

A special thanks to Jim Hartz for putting this video together.

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