Thursday, May 17, 2012

LTA Blog Contest - What does Elvis mean to you?

In conjunction with our upcoming show at LTA, All the King's Women, LTA is proud to announce it's first ever LTA blog contest!
What does Elvis mean to you?
Do you have an interesting Elvis story to tell?  Has “The King” affected your life in some way?  Or are you just a die-hard Elvis fan?  How would you like to win tickets for The Little Theatre of Alexandria’s production of All the King’s Women?  Tell us “What Elvis means to you” and you just might!
In 300 words or less, send us your entry via email to  Entries will be posted on LTA’s blog for Elvis and theatre fans to enjoy!  A winner will be selected at random and awarded a pair of tickets to LTA’s production of All the King’s Women LTA will not post inappropriate or lewd submissions and hold the right to review submissions before posting to the LTA blog.  Please include your name, phone number, email address and Twitter handle (if you have one) with your submission.  We also encourage photos if you have them!

The King is alive and well in Alexandria! The story of Elvis Presley told through the eyes of 17 enthralled, appalled, and obsessed women.  Luigi Jannuzzi’s award-winning comedy takes us from Tupelo, Mississippi where a 12-year-old Elvis wanted a BB gun instead of a guitar; to President Richard Nixon’s office and Andy Warhol’s studio; from Cadillac salesmen to Graceland guards. This touching, comedy for every generation captures the effects that fame, generosity and just being a nice guy can bring to others.
Tickets: / 703-683-0496
June 9 – 30, 2012
(Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm)


  1. Elvis means a lot to me. Elvis is proof that any child in America (or anywhere else) can grow up to be anything he wants. Imagine living in the projects of Memphis dreaming of being something someday, and then becoming "The King of Rock n' Roll”. Even though Elvis was as rich as any of us ever dreamed to be, he never stopped enjoying little things. He loved football, roller-skating, a night at the movies, just sitting at home talking to his friends. He never stopped caring about his fans. His fans always meant a lot to Him. We loved him in return. That's why we're still here today. Elvis had bad habits, too. Drugs, a temper, he depended too much on the wrong people. But you never heard Elvis claim to be perfect! To him he was just another guy doing his thing. Trying not to hurt anybody. Trying to please people with his music. It's been said Elvis could walk on stage and read a phone book and the crowd would have still loved it. Yet Elvis still had stage fright every time he walked on stage because he was afraid he wouldn't please everyone. .I can't listen to "It Hurts Me" without getting tears in my eyes. Every time I play the laughing Elvis track, I have to laugh right along with him. Elvis poured His soul into his music. He demanded perfection from himself while making a record. I agree with Priscilla when she said, "Elvis didn't get it. He never really understood everyone loved Him”. He was still out there trying to earn our love. It was important to him. In my life JFK was killed, the Viet Nam war tore this country apart, drugs were everywhere, Hero’s were hard to find. Yet there was always Elvis to look up too. There was always Elvis to listen too. The mention of Elvis brought joy. Elvis gave me a reason to keep trying Elvis means a lot to me

  2. JA - could you send over the following information so that we can get you included for the drawing for free tickets? Thank you for submitting your story! Please include your name, phone number, email address and Twitter handle (if you have one) with your submission. We also encourage photos if you have them. Please send to