Friday, April 22, 2011

[title of show]

It's been a little while since I've updated you all on how things are going so I thought I would write something to let you all know how things were going. As a note, readership of the blog has spiked to a whole seven people! In addition to my parents and random person at work who have been tireless followers from post #1, I've duped the rest of the cast and our director into reading as well. It's a wonder what e-mails titled "Free Money" will do for you.

As of today, we are now only ONE day away from our official opening. Last weekend we began to add the technical elements of the show and throughout this past week, we've combined the lights, sound, set and performances into one big melting pot of fun and laughter.

Tonight marks our first official performance with an audience. In theater these types of performances are known as "preview" performances. Normally, when someone thinks of a preview, they think of a small portion or snippet of the full version of whatever it is they are seeing. In theater, a preview is a performance of the show in its entirety before the official opening night. We could get into the origins of the word "preview" but then we would simply be divulging into linguistics. And like any normal person, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of linguistics is of course linguine, which reminds me that I should probably eat dinner before the show tonight.

There are still plenty of tickets available for the show so spread the word and bring everyone you know to see it! I'll be updating you more frequently once the show opens with pictures, posts and even the occasional video blog so you can see just what goes on backstage (you've been warned).


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