Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Anne of Green Gables- meet cast member Janet Cooper

Tell me a little bit about your character?

I am playing a few different roles, but my biggest one is a Blewett child. The Blewett children live with their 7 other siblings, and their mother who doesn't feed them a lot, and acts very poorly and cruel towards them. The poor Blewett children are quite frightened of their mother, they do what she tells them to, because they know if they don't, they'll suffer the consequences. They eventually have no fight left inside them. They just want food!
What were some of the challenges for you in working on this piece?
Some of my challenges were learning what scene I was in at what time, knowing who exactly I was playing, and learning all the songs and dances.
What do you hope audiences will take away from this play?
I hope they'll take away knowing the fact that sometimes in life you have to take risks, and sometimes even when something seems like it's really bad, it could turn out to be really good.
How does this show differ from other shows you have worked on?
This is my first show.
How did you first get involved with LTA?
I have been attending classes and camps at LTA since I was three years old.
What advice would you give others who are interested in working in theatre?
Keep auditioning, keep trying and keep practicing.

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